Monday, December 15, 2008

I knew this day would arrive ...

It has happened, my baby is entering a new phase of alertness and activity and my nice peaceful moments I have spent cuddling him to the glow of my monitor are coming to an end. (he can't keep his hands off the keyboard and there are just too many typos)

I just don't have the time to keep this up right now. (sniff, sniff)

So, the Mommy Awards are going to sleep for a season - unless someone out there would like to join in and come up with some weekly questions. I think I could continue to provide the "artwork" since it is all on my computer, but that would be it for right now. So, anyone interested in leading some Mommy discussions???

If you are up to it, please let me know and I will add you to the blog.

utahjenny at gmail dot com

Let us not end things here, yet, I have one more award to present. I read over the grueling accounts left by Julie and Tia and the winner was the practically cut off hand of Julie's husband - a word of advice to us all - KNOW WHERE YOUR NEAREST HOSPITAL IS LOCATED!!! And yes, Utah County can be VERY confusing to get around in - what a way to learn.

So, congratualations Julie - you win:

Thanks for playing everyone -it has been so fun for me to read your stories.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Had to Share This News Story - My Jaw is Still on the Floor

This doesn't have much to do with being a "Nurse", but it is the story of a couple on their way to the hospital to have a baby. In the midst of very heavy traffic and very regular contractions they were given a ticket!!! Crazy ...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Topic

It's time to pull out more Mommy Stories.

I thought I would do something Christmas related, but we have plenty of time for that. Since I have spent a lot of time being Nurse to sick children, husband and myself for that matter - let's talk about it.

This has been one of those years. We are actually not too bad, but it seems we are catching every little thing that comes our way. Thankfully, when I say little, I do mean little. We haven't been really ill - just full of a lot of little ickies.

This week it was the stomach flu, and it lasted all of maybe 8 hours maximum. If you are going to get something, why not something that is so short in duration!


Of course, what I feel terrible about is that we probably did our part to share it with many others (very unintentially) - so sorry!

So, what are your "Mom Nurse" stories.

What are some of the worst or scariest moments you have encountered in caring for your family. What are some funny times?

There are a few that I have already shared through my blog:

WOW - I don't have any sick posts for my husband or Thing 2 - I'll have to get on that!!!

Anyhow, share your stories - it will be worth a little laugh or a little sympathy - I am here for you all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Few Thanksgiving Funnies

This scene is from Everybody Loves Raymond:

The Turkey Song (by Adam Sandler)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the Birther Award goes to Aimee

Yes, my sister-in-law gets it this time, although we ALL deserve this one. I loved reading over all the stories (and Charity THANKS for sharing that beautiful story - I will NEVER be able to hear that story too many times, as long as I have some Kleenex nearby).

So, to all of us who have and will bring babies into our families CONGRATULATIONS, we all deserve hugs and pats on the back and high fives and while we are at it, diamonds and manicures and trips to Hawaii!!!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving everyone, I am not doing a new topic because I think everyone will be busy, as we should be. And for those of you going shopping on Friday - I'll pray for your safety ;)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been waiting for this one ...

This week's topic is about that very moment that makes many of us mothers ... (ummm, no, not conception - we're not going there) We are talking about BIRTH!!!

As much as I love elephants - I am so glad we don't give birth to 200 pound babies!

I know several pregnant people and I was waiting for everyone who has participated in this blog to actually get those babies OUT before opening up the forum to birth stories. Some are incredible and some are horrific, we didn't want to talk about those just before some of you gave birth.

This week I want to know what you went through to get your little one(s) here. And since each birth is so different from any other, if you have multiples, please share them all. Some of you have had natural deliveries, some of you c-sections, some have adopted. Whatever it took to get your little ones in your life, it was all a beautiful miracle and each and every one deserves to be celebrated. We ARE NOT going to focus on methods and comparing one to another, and if there happened to be any comments in that direction, they will QUICKLY be deleted. But, I know you ladies are all so nice you won't go there.

Every birth is a miracle, and that is what we want to celebrate!

Just think - one of you will get to proudly claim "The Birther" award.

So pull out those stories and share - and congratulations to all our recently birthed mommy friends - we are so glad the little ones made it safe and sound!

To start off the birth stories - we'll do a fictional one. It's from one of my favorite movies of all time, "Big Fish." I was pulled right into it in the first two minutes with the birth scene you will see in the trailer below (watch very closely at about 20 seconds into the clip). Warning: If you blink, you will miss it!

That one brought tears to my eyes - if only all deliveries were that quick!

Can't wait to hear your stories.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just For Fun:

I think we have all seen this, but it is a classic and I still laugh so hard I almost cry.

Take a minute and relish in the calling that is motherhood:

If you haven't seen this before, sit back, grab a tissue and - ohhhhh - enjoy!

And just for fun - here is her version for Dads:

Hee hee!