Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Topic

It's time to pull out more Mommy Stories.

I thought I would do something Christmas related, but we have plenty of time for that. Since I have spent a lot of time being Nurse to sick children, husband and myself for that matter - let's talk about it.

This has been one of those years. We are actually not too bad, but it seems we are catching every little thing that comes our way. Thankfully, when I say little, I do mean little. We haven't been really ill - just full of a lot of little ickies.

This week it was the stomach flu, and it lasted all of maybe 8 hours maximum. If you are going to get something, why not something that is so short in duration!


Of course, what I feel terrible about is that we probably did our part to share it with many others (very unintentially) - so sorry!

So, what are your "Mom Nurse" stories.

What are some of the worst or scariest moments you have encountered in caring for your family. What are some funny times?

There are a few that I have already shared through my blog:

WOW - I don't have any sick posts for my husband or Thing 2 - I'll have to get on that!!!

Anyhow, share your stories - it will be worth a little laugh or a little sympathy - I am here for you all!

3 Mommies Sharing:

Julie said...

My first nurse story:
7 Years ago Spencer and I had just moved to lehi. It was spring and I planted a garden. A late frost was coming so I had Spence in the garage cutting the bottoms off of milk and juice jugs to cover my seedlings.
My handy husband slipped with the razor blade and sliced open his hand, between his thumb and wrist! He was hysterical in a panic, and I was horrified at the thick dark blood spilling on to the concrete!

We jumped in the car and headed to the hospital, only to realize we had no clue where it was!!! So we stopped at the nearest neighbors home who was mowing his lawn (who happened to be in the bishopric).

We were in such a panic, and the neighbor had no clue how to give us directions to the American Fork Hospital (it is hard to find). So HE jumps in his truck, and we race off following him to the hospital!

We arrive at the ER and the entrance is closed for construction so we run around following the signs detouring us in a maze through the hospital. We finally stumble upon admitting, Spence is taken in, and I collapse in the waiting room, and begin to cry. All the adrenaline and panic set in, and I knew Spence would be ok, but I had guilt and was just so sorry.

The neighbor had decided to come check to make sure we are ok, while I am balling my eyes out. I am mortified, as we are new to the neighborhood. I tell him we are fine and thank you for driving the 15 minutes to guide us there.

Spence received a ton of stitches. He was soo lucky, as he only cut through the tendon capsule, and not the actual tendon. That would have required surgery.

This story is so bad because 1: we had no clue where to get help from, which made us panic, and be embarrassed.
2, I planted the garden too early, and convinced my husband to use a dangerous tool when he really did not want to.
3. I totally broke down and sobbed over something that was not a sever injury, and had horrible guilt over it.

Julie said...

2nd nurse story:
My son, Cooper was 15 months old, and I was pregnant with morning sickness. Cooper got an intestinal bug, which gave him diahreah for 2 weeks!!!
It was unbearable to change his diapers, I would puke at the smell of him, and then cry through his diaper changing, and then puke again outside throwing out the diaper.
A few mornings, if my husband had left home, but was not to work yet, I would call him and he would turn around to come home just to change Cooper's diaper.
Being a Mother is hard work!!!

Tia Langston said...

While visiting Washington over the summer, my mom was putting together a new wind chime that had been given to her. Brody (then 18 months or so) was innocently 'watching' grandma when all of a sudden he started screaming. I jumped to the floor right away just as my mom reached for him as well. We found that there was a fish hook like metal piece stuck in Brody's finger. I grabbed his hand as my mom tried to tenderly navigate the piece out of his flesh...but no luck, so my sister (mother of 4 kiddos) jumps to the floor too and tries to help. The whole time I am calm and just trying to calm Brody..but then my mom tells me not to look at it (thinking that maybe it would upset me) but really I was fine. But because she thought I should be upset, then that's when I started tearing up...even though I was fine. Anyway, my sister ended up having to simply tear the piece right out of his hand because of the hook. We doctored it up and after drying his tears and calming him down, Brody thought the bandaid was pretty cool. And with Brody...usually it's his head, nose, and mouth that get injured...so this was unfamiliar territory.
Oh yeah, and just the other day, Brody came to me to help him pull up his pj pants (that always seem to fall down) and as I reach for and grab them, he starts to walk off...which resulted in a face plant on the floor...which resulted in him splitting the little skin that connects his gums and upper lip...which resulted in a bloody mouth and crying child...which resulted in Teagan wanting to see "all the blood!"