Monday, August 25, 2008

Introducing ... The Mommy Awards!

I have just read a book about Motherhood that I found particularly uplifting and inspiring. It is by Jane Clayson Johnson and it is called, "I Am a Mother". If you don't know her story, it is unique in its significance, although, something so many of us can relate to. Jane Clayson was hosting a national morning news show and had just been offered a big promotion. She had also just married and was desirous to start a family. So, she turned down the great job offer, quit her television journalism altogether and became a Mom!

There is a part of her book that spoke to me the other night (quite literally - which is why I am doing this). It is this excerpt from the first chapter I'd like to share:

"I know what I gave up so that I could be a mother during this season of my life. But I also know what I gave it up for. I traded in fancy lunches in fancy restaurants for rice cereal and bunny-shaped macaroni and cheese. There's no one to do my hair and makeup anymore. Some mornings I'm lucky to squeeze in a shower. When I get up at 4:00 am these days, it's not to be chauffeured to a television studio. Instead, you'll find me huddled near a nightlight, lulling a little baby (or two!) back to sleep. No more pats on the back for booking exclusive interviews. They don't give awards for best diaper change of the day. And I don't get a paycheck that can be cashed at any bank. Now my compensation comes in packages money can't buy."

"Indeed, every mother who prayerfully chooses her own path in life -- no matter where that path leads -- does not have to apologize for being a mother. As she loves her children, as she sacrifices -- in her own way and within her own capabilities -- she will be led by the Savior and buoyed up by his loving care as she works to rear 'the offspring' of God (Acts 17: 28). In this, she will have acquired true success."

My hope is to bring mothers together and celebrate our true successes. Each day we do little things, big things, mundane things and marvelous things, whether we realize it or not at the time, these are true successes. Perhaps when Jane wrote this book there was no award for "Best Diaper Change", but today there is!

Let's have fun, nominating ourselves, our mothers, our sisters, our neighbors, whomever comes to mind as we explore the daily functions of mothering.

Marvelous to Mundane Mommy Awards will be given on Mondays. So, you can start each Tuesday checking out the topic of the week and then making nominations in the comment section. Each weekly topic will have polls, stories and hopefully, LOTS of great comments from you - we love to hear each others stories. And, quite honestly, we all love to tell our stories (isn't that why we are all out here blogging?).

Check in each Tuesday for the new topic, share with us and check back on Monday to see who gets "The Mommy Award of the Week".

3 Mommies Sharing:

Greg and Katie Pettey said...

Jenny, what a good idea. I know there are a lot of moms who need this validation. I was given this book when I had my last son and it really bouyed me up!! I lent it to someone else shortly thereafter and haven't seen it since. I hope that means it has gone to good use!

Julie W said...

Such a fun Idea! Cant wait to share my stories...

Annie said...

This is an adorable blog! May I join you?