Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best Diaper Change Award

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Let's get started! In her book, "I Am a Mother", Jane Clayson Johnson stated that there is no award for Best Diaper Change ... Well, today there is. I want to hear your stories about diaper changes. We had a whopper on Saturday and it took two of us. Our littlest (not quite 2 months old) is battling a little constipation and we never know when the floodgates are going to open. So, in the middle of our Wedding Marathon, we stopped home for a bit and had the little guy up on his changing table getting a fresh diaper change. I was aware that he was starting to grunt - that's when it starts. The diaper is open and stuff starts coming out. We weren't sure if he was done, so my husband starts to wipe down the mess. Sure enough ... he gets it! And while he's a little disturbed by what has just happened, I get the sprinkler. This little guy got us both in a matter of seconds. What a stinker. But, it all was cleaned up soon (thanks to having 2 of us involved) and the diaper was changed - Wahoo!

What are your diaper change war stories? How have you dealt with little "sprinklers"? Bring on your worst stories - they are so entertaining. And in this case, the worst will definitely receive the award for the best.

Oh dear, there's that familiar smell - gotta go!

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Greg and Katie Pettey said...

So, I can't think of one particular instance (although some not so pretty images are going through my head). But, 2 things stick in my mind. First, Greg is famous for checking diapers with his finger. Once, when we were all at Mueller Park, he "stuck in his thumb, and pulled out a..." well you get the idea. It has been a family joke ever since. Second, as the mom of 4 boys, you know I am aware of the "sprinkler effect." My changing table never moved in 8 years and when we moved last year, the yellow-painted wall behind the dresser had several "runs" on it. Now, I'm a pretty clean person, but that dresser was heavy and I didn't get back there very often! Don't get all grossed out, most of it was years old and covered with dust. The funny thing is, I wasn't sentimental about leaving the house until I had to wash this wall. It was like I was leaving a part of my babies behind and I was reminded of the precious moments in that room. I bawled from that moment until the last truck pulled away from our house.

Kirsten, Mike and The Boys said...

Okay, I've got one. Peter only poops about once every week. It's fine, but it has made me lazy about the supplies I take with me when I leave the house.

We were in church, singing the sacrament hymn, when I heard an explosion. People around us heard it and I know they smelled it as well. I decided not to chance waiting until after the sacrament was over, and grabbed my diaper bag and made a break for the bathroom. People chuckled at me as I left the chapel. When I got to the mother's lounge, I put Peter down and caught a glimpse of myself . . . mustard yellow smears all over my white shirt- so that's what they were all chuckling at! "Oh well," I think as I reach for the wipes . . . and they aren't there. So I grab a paper towel and turn on the faucet . . . and nothing happens. Then I remember the bishop saying something about the water not working in the building. Of all the days! So I wipe us both off with dry paper towels and reach into my bag for a spare outfit for Peter . . . and it's not there either. I walk back into the hall to go get Mike's keys so that I can go home and get new clothes for us both. I pass the stake president in the hall and he looks sorry for me in my yellowed, stinky, frenzied state.

Anyway, I get the keys, go home, get cleaned up and come back to church just as they are announcing that the stake president has decided to cancel the rest of church due to the water problems. I'm guessing that was my fault. :-)

Jenny in Utah said...

We're off to a good start - I have to add another that happened today! We were at the store earlier and I got that familiar "whiff". Just what we love - diaper changes in Public restrooms. This store did not have the changing table, so I put a bunch of paper towells on the floor and changed The Boy (not the baby). I hate public restrooms as is, then make me put my little boy on the floor - ICK! Hmmm - I'm getting that familiar "whiff" again - what did I feed him yesterday?

ps - Katie - I will never forget the image of Greg sticking his finger in the diaper and pulling it out with the evidence of what was inside - that event will go down in history - with the pit bulls!

And Kirsten - it's nice to know that you can have such influence on your Stake Pres. way to go!

Jason and Audrey said...

Well, I just had a good one. Tonight as I was reading this new mommy blog, in the middle of Jens story, as I nurse my baby, a neighbor girl who was playing in our front yard pokes her head in the door and yells: "Grant just took off his diaper, and he's poopy!" Needless to say I was out there in a flash, and he had done a dirty deed and was holding his diaper (with the evidence wrapped neatly in his diaper--thank goodness.) But how embarrassing.

Julie W said...

It has been 3 years since I have had a newborn, so my most recent experience has been with potty training Savannah. It took almost 6 months to potty train. She would go #1 in the toilet but not #2. Lets just say that for at least 2 months she would poop her underwear every few days. I think this is sooo much worse than diapers, because you have to pull down the undies and it gets all over the legs and floor and then the bum is soo covered in poo....soo gross.
I am so happy she is potty trained now and never want to do it again! (I threw away every poopie pair of undies, and just bought a new pack every week!)

Jenny in Utah said...

A new pair of underwear every week is still less $ than diapers - right??? I hate that part too - wiping poop off of legs is just so icky.
And Audrey - aren't you glad the neighbor girl let you know - what a good boy to bundle it all up so nicely!

linsey said...

picture this: nursing baby Violet on the couch, when toddling Anna Belle stands right in front of me and says, "Mommy, I'm poopie"
"Okay, just one minute while I finish nursing the baby and I will change you, go get your diaper" trying to give her something to do to disract her till I can finish nursing-it was at a time of nursing when it was hard for her to latch on and it was an all arms task to get her to nurse and then it would take awhile for the milk to come down and so I was not about to stop.
In the meantime Anna Belle comes back to me with wipes and a diaper and her naked poo smeared bum!!! Where is the diaper?!?!?!
So I am nursing this baby, my milk has just let down and chunks of poo begin to fall off of Anna Belle. I yell (quietly-you know what I am talking about) to Phebe to bring me a blanket. She, so helpful, brings me the comforter off of my bed, I ask for another one-cause I really don't want poo on that-because it's huge and I have to take it to the laundry mat to wash it)-so she brings me a towel-which is actually great-she and I (with baby attatched to breast) lay it down on the couch by me-I tell Anna Belle to lay down on it with her bum towards me and I begin to wipe-baby Violet still nursing-Anna Belle is trying not to kick the baby in the head, while I am trying to wipe all cracks (very mushy!) with one hand, since the other hand is holding the nursing baby, and sure enough Anna Belle, accidentally, kicks nursing Violet in the head-Violet pulls off, screaming and the milk goes squirting across my lap and onto the floor. I have to admit I was kind of glad at this point, just to do the diaper and then finish the baby. When I got it all cleaned up and the baby fed, I remembered, the diaper! Where was it? Well, if you know Anna Belle, very clever and smart-she had put the diaper where the stuff in diapers should go-into the toilet. That was really fun to fish out-it was atleast 20 pounds full of water and poop. And that is my worst diaper changing experience to this day.