Sunday, August 31, 2008

Results From Last Week!

Well, that was fun. Who doesn't like to share poopy war stories. When it came down to it, each of your stories had enough ickiness that I really couldn't choose - so I drew a winner from among you all and (drum roll please) KIRSTEN - YOU WIN THE BEST DIAPER CHANGE AWARD! Doesn't that feel good? I hope so - you deserve it! And I hope the stains came out of your blouse!

And for a prize - I will send you some coupons for diapers!!! :) That's why we need some sponsors - my prizes stink!

As for the polls - just to sum everything up:
Most of us are in "The Thick of It" , with several diapering more than one kid (that's me).
Most of us have Helpful Hubbies and to the ONE person who said their hubby had changed maybe two diapers - we all send our sympathy!
Most of us buy Huggies.
and Most of us are changing 4-6 diapers a day, not too bad! (I'm about twice that!!!)

Thanks for playing and keep it up - there will be a new topic on Tuesday! I am posting the winner a bit early (normally it will be on Mondays) because I will be out of town on Monday visiting my Grandma.

Remember - if the topic doesn't necessarily apply to you, you can always tell something about someone else. And, if they win, well, all the better - you won an award for them!

Happy Mothering Everyone!
Good night.

2 Mommies Sharing:

Kirsten, Mike and The Boys said...

Yay I'm the first winner! Although I think a better award for my story would have been "The Most Unprepared Diaper Change Award." ;) I'm going to do a little promotion on my blog so that hopefully you'll get some more participants . . . if that's what you want. :-)

Mindy said...

Yay, Kirsten!