Monday, October 13, 2008

Wahoo - Our Winner is:


You are the social planner of the year! Way to go! :)

Quick little personal story - just this last week I received an email from Amber about a boutique she was having. I quickly responded that I was sorry I couldn't make it because I had a big family event taking place on Saturday afternoon. Well - her boutique was on a Thursday afternoon, and it was all very clear in the email - see why we don't leave the calendaring up to me in our home! Yikes! Amber seems to have things running very well - so good job! (All of you who responded seemed to have some very nice ideas to make things run smoothly).
I am working on the color coding actually and this is what I have right now:

(note: yes there is a big yellow sunshine on No School Days - I'm as bad as the kids - no I am worse!)
Here are a few more cool calendars I have found:
FlyLady has a cool one - Check it out Here.
Target sells one by Real Simple - it's color coded!
I found this beauty on Etsy - it's lovely.
And this one, at the Quilted Bear Boutique website was kind of fun, too! (not very useful, but fun.)
My sil has a cool one by Post-it that has all sorts of great color coding ideas - couldn't find a picture but she bought it at Walmart.
This Melissa and Doug one looks GREAT for the kids.
And just to wrap it all up - ladies really are the social planners - most of you are the ones to keep track of things in your families. And most of you are able to rely on both your memory and the calendar - way to go. And most of us are bustling with activity - and for the one who answered that if one more thing is added to their calendar she will burst - we send our love your way! Good luck!
Again - thanks for playing, I appreciate the good ideas I get from you all.
Happy Mothering!

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Amber said...

Wow, thanks! I like the links for the calendars, I just might need to get the one from Target!