Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And The Mommy Award goes to:


Way to go -we totally sympathize!!!

Potty training has always been a struggle for me. Our first was actually the easiest, she found out Santa had a special prize just for her if she was potty trained by Christmas. She was an over night success right after Thanksgiving and has never had a problem since.

However, we have more children and the second was much more stubborn. Plus her potty training window coincided with the birth of her brother and things had to take a back seat. And even when things seemed to be going well, she would still have her moments. But she is in first grade now and things seem to be fine.

Then we have her younger brother - right around his 3rd birthday, he started pooping in the toilet - just out of the blue. I tried to work with him, but I was also very pregnant and pretty miserable, so, it all kind of went to the wayside. Drat - we are still trying to find some motivation, but can't quite get through to him yet!

And as for the baby - not even a thought yet - thank heavens.

I just have to say how glad I was about the polls - I was happy to see that most kids potty train in their 3's (even if some of us would like to see it happen in their 2's). And as for those of you who responded that potty training was months of agony - I am probably totally with you. Good thing there are some good books out there for advice and help - I hope you all have been able to find some good support on the subject - it can be a frustrating one.

And sorry I didn't get this out yesterday, but I have been under the influence of the evil dreaded flu! Ick!

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Amber said...

Yay! Maybe this award will give me super potty training powers and we will be over this issue very very soon, thanks!