Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best Costume Designer Goes To:


I wasn't sure what to do with the award this week - I was beginning to feel like a freak of nature ... especially when my sister-in-law called me a freak of nature - since no one seemed to be excited about the topic. I really do start thinking about costumes in July and I get totally excited about them. And since it brings so much satisfaction into my life, I'll keep to my freakish ways. Owing that I got them from my dear mom - she deserves this award. Wasn't that costume great??? I am so glad my friend Zombette had this picture handy - thank you.

And thanks Mom for the great costumes over the years.

And to everyone - I am loving them all, I have been checking out your blogs and some of you I actually saw in person. They are all very cute and I think everyone did a great job costuming the little ones this year.

Now time to get ready for Thanksgiving!

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Zombette said...

Congrats "Jenny's Mom"!

(Yes, I know her name. No, I'm not sharing. Tee hee.)