Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've been waiting for this one ...

This week's topic is about that very moment that makes many of us mothers ... (ummm, no, not conception - we're not going there) We are talking about BIRTH!!!

As much as I love elephants - I am so glad we don't give birth to 200 pound babies!

I know several pregnant people and I was waiting for everyone who has participated in this blog to actually get those babies OUT before opening up the forum to birth stories. Some are incredible and some are horrific, we didn't want to talk about those just before some of you gave birth.

This week I want to know what you went through to get your little one(s) here. And since each birth is so different from any other, if you have multiples, please share them all. Some of you have had natural deliveries, some of you c-sections, some have adopted. Whatever it took to get your little ones in your life, it was all a beautiful miracle and each and every one deserves to be celebrated. We ARE NOT going to focus on methods and comparing one to another, and if there happened to be any comments in that direction, they will QUICKLY be deleted. But, I know you ladies are all so nice you won't go there.

Every birth is a miracle, and that is what we want to celebrate!

Just think - one of you will get to proudly claim "The Birther" award.

So pull out those stories and share - and congratulations to all our recently birthed mommy friends - we are so glad the little ones made it safe and sound!

To start off the birth stories - we'll do a fictional one. It's from one of my favorite movies of all time, "Big Fish." I was pulled right into it in the first two minutes with the birth scene you will see in the trailer below (watch very closely at about 20 seconds into the clip). Warning: If you blink, you will miss it!

That one brought tears to my eyes - if only all deliveries were that quick!

Can't wait to hear your stories.

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cheraf said...

So, I know Jenny has heard this story but I'll share with the rest of you. I have twin boys and I started dilating at 28 weeks, and was promptly put on bedrest. I made it a few days past my 36 week mark and measured a whopping 45cms!! I had just developed the worst cold of my life and had FINALLY drifted off to sleep (around 2:30am) when I felt my water break. I still think it's amazing that I felt it the moment it happened and knew exactly what it was even though I was asleep. I ran (if something that big can run) to the shower and just stood there yelling for my husband to wake up. We drove to the hospital and a couple hours later they came in to speak to me about my options (baby #1 was head-down, baby#2 was breech). The doctors and I agreed that I should try for a vaginal delivery and they talked me into getting an epidural even though I wasn't feeling anything yet. (It didn't take too much convincing - although I had always kind of wanted to try and go natural, I was pretty scared). About 9 hours later I was pushing and giving it my all. I actually didn't feel like my pushes were very effective because my stomach was so huge, it was difficult to get good leverage - but they told me I was doing well so I just took their word for it. Two hours later they brought in a perinatologist to figure out why I wasn't making much progress and he basically told me that I have funny shaped pelvic bones...oh well. So they wheeled me to the OR and I had a C-Section instead. After two hours of pushing, the C-section seemed to fly by. It was a really cool experience. I could feel almost everything the doctor was doing, but it didn't hurt at all. Anyway, exactly 12 hours after my water broke,the boys came. Baby #1 was 5lbs. 14oz. and baby #2 was 6lbs. I had 12 pounds of baby in me!!! The boys were nice and healthy (apart from some jaundice - no big deal). I had to be on oxygen for two nights because of my wonderful cold. Maybe that's part of the reason I felt that I wasn't able to push very well - I couldn't breathe! Anyway, hope this post wasn't a little TMI!!

Jenny in Utah said...

I have to nominate Bert's cousin for sure - she was in the hospital to deliver her first baby. All was well and she was progressing (slowly) - so her husband and mom went to go get a quick bite to eat. They were only gone a few moments when all of the sudden something started going wrong and she wheeled in to have an emergency c-section. Her husband and mom were found BARELY in time to get to her before the birth. How frightening to have all that happen and not have your husband to hold your hand. But, all was well and he made it back just in time.

Jenny in Utah said...

Then I also have to tell a story about Bert's sister. Her first baby was due the beginning of April. So, of course on April Fool's day she starts calling the family to tell everyone she is on her way to the hospital to have the baby. No one believed her at first and she ran off to the hospital and finally people started checking it out to find out she really was having a baby. Good thing because that baby came out fast - she didn't even have time for an epidural.

Charity said...

As many of you already know we adopted our son and have heard this before, but I thought I'd share it again. It was Sept 2006, a beautiful Sunday, as we were walking into the Farmington agency at 12:30pm. Thoughts were racing through our minds and we were filled with excitement over seeing Kadie and Brandon {our son's birthparents} again and getting to meet Kadon for the first time. Boy were we nervous! As we walked into the agency we were put in a room to wait. (We were the first to arrive. I guess we were anxious!) When Kadie and her family arrived with Kadon in tow we heard all the commotion and everyone "oohing" and "ahhing", boy were we itching to meet this little one. Before we met him, Kadie and Brandon took a few moments to say goodbye while we talked to both of their families. They expressed their love for Kadon and how they knew it was the right choice for us to be his parents. His birthparents came to the door. Kadie stood in front of Brandon {who was holding Kadon} so that we couldn't see him yet. She started laughing and said "oh a few more minutes isn't gonna kill ya." (That was such a Kadie thing to say!) She then moved and we saw this beautiful perfect little baby. Then the "oohing" and "ahhing" started all over again! I walked over to him and said "Hello handsome" he looked at me with familiar eyes and there was a connection that I knew spanned the eternities. He then did and an amazing thing, he looked up at Brandon and then to me again. It was a moment when you knew that he knew what was happening and that he understood. This little spirit that was just so fresh from Heaven was telling us that he knew we were doing the right thing. We sat a talked for a little while longer and then the time came when Kadie placed him in my arms. We stood there holding him together and cried. It was a moment that I have come to understand now as "the love of a mother". Even though I would always be his mother she would always be his birthmother and nothing would ever change that. He grew under her heart and he grew in mine. We had some more pictures moments and then it was time for Kadie and Brandon to leave. {That was a very hard moment knowing their hearts were aching for this precious little one who was healing our hearts.} We finished up the paperwork and then it was time for us to leave. We headed to my parents house to introduce Kadon to our family.

I have no idea about the pain of labor or anything else that accompanies it, but I do know that WONDERFUL feeling of having your baby placed in your arms knowing that you are their mommy and having them look into your eyes as if to help confirm what you already know. All those months of waiting {among other things} are sure worth it at that moment.

Tia Langston said...

So I was going to share my 3 not so exciting stories...but then I read Charity's post and well...too many tears to see through. So I'll be brief. Teagan=18 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing (not a fun one and tons of tearing and stitches---not sure if I ever wanted to do that again). Brody=14 hours of labor, 20 minutes of pushing (some stitches...but not too terrible). Kamryn=7 hours of 'real' labor (3 days of false labor), 4 pushes!!!! (some stitches...but nothing too terrible either). After the last one...I could probably handle one more (that is not an announcement)!