Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okay - so I am a bit of a slacker!!! (New topic included)

So, the last topic was not too popular - I am hoping that is because sports, in itself, is not too popular amongst you all. And I am hoping Chera will cut me some slack for not awarding her the Best Sports Fan in a timely manner! But I have been holed up in my bat cave lately sewing, sewing, sewing. (we'll get to that in a minute).

Anyhow, congratulations Chera - you have won the:

Aren't you glad I didn't word it the way they did in Grease and call it the Athletic Supporter Award??? Hee hee. I absolutely love your plan of taking time to read a good book while hubby watches a game - sounds like a great arrangement!

Anyhow I am starting the new topic now because it totally relates to my activities of the past few days that will all come to fruition on FRIDAY - yes, Halloween. (And Amber, we will be doing your suggestion next week - stay tuned).

So, what have I been sewing you ask? (maybe you didn't, but I'll pretend you did) Halloween Costumes, of course. This is absolutely, hands down, one of my favorite mommy jobs - clothing the kids up right for Halloween. I love to let them figure out what they want to be and then I get to figure out how to make it happen. It's a challenge I enjoy and have just a bit too much fun making it happen.

I think know that I get this from my mom. She created some spectacular things back in the day. But the all-time winner was this, when I was in 5th grade. There is a picture of me in it somewhere - but who knows where, so I will show you the pattern she used, and she is so good, it actually looked just like picture from McCall's.

I was definitely the hit of the school parade and I even got more candy than my friends because the costume really was that cool!

Okay - so are you all busy getting ready for Halloween, or have you been ready for a while?

Are you busy sewing or shopping? Do you take turns each year, one year you will buy, one year you will create? Or do you get someone else to do it for you? Do you enjoy the process or is it just me? What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year? What is the favorite costume creation you have ever made? What is one of your favorite costumes you have ever worn?

I am just a bit curious to know how you all handle the Halloween Costume Creating and I would LOVE to hear and SEE your ideas. You should all post them on your blogs so I can check them out, then I will put the pictures here, if you will allow, so everyone can take a peek! Seriously, lets have a little Halloween Costume Parade right here on the Mommy Awards. You won't have to pass out candy, I promise.

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Amber said...

Just recently I have been a little regretful that I didn't get more into my sewing class in jr. high. I did sew an apron for the class but I didn't like it. Not the apron, the actual sewing! Oh how I wish I could sew some really cute Halloween costumes--yours are adorable! I vote for YOU on this one! Lucky for me, our girls want to use costumes we already have. I will post pictures on my blog after the big night tonight!

Julie said...

For Costumes I shop. I really wish I created amazing costumes, but for some reason I am too whimpy to sew. Halloween stresses me out. As a kid I had a bit of low self esteem and was so newrvous about my cotume, and being judged... I sound like the typical girl. But it is fun as a mom to get costumes for your kids and just enjoy the happienss.
My Cooper is being Iron Man, very generic, but he loves it. And Savy is Sleeping beauty. I let her look through the Disney web site with me and she picked the PINK princess. It was a very easy process! I love shopping online and letting my kids pick their clothes and toys this way. The store is just too hard these days!

My favorite costume ever was the year my best friend and I were "Salt and Pepper". Our moms sewed these black robes for us, and black hats. Then we had giant S and P on our chests. We were inseperably, and it was sooo funny.

Another favorite costume of mine was the year another best friend and I got into a giant pair of overalls and wore a giant flannel shirt together. We were Conjoined twins. This was also a hilarious costume! (although the walking was hard!)

Zombette said...

Dang it! I wish I would have seen this sooner. :-) Sorry, I guess I just told on myself.

I just emailed you two pictures from my Mom's scrapbook of you in your E.T. costume from 5th grade. Unfortunately, I'm in them too. :-(