Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Week's Topic: Sports

Let me start off by saying this is about Professional Sports specifically. (We will be doing Soccer Moms/Hockey Moms later.)

I guess I am in a sporty mood - the World Series starts tomorrow and I love Baseball. I love the World Series. And tomorrow the Phillies take on the Rays - Rays having the home field advantage, but I am still cheering for the Phillies. Why? This is why!

This has led me to wonder what role sports play in your homes. Is is something your family enjoys together, is it something that takes you apart, is it something that doesn't even really come up at all?

Fortunately, I love baseball - so this is a fun time in our family. Bert and I both enjoy watching the games together and since there will possibly be 7 games - that is a lot of time for us to just sit back, relax and enjoy each other's company.

I also enjoy basketball - professional and college are very fun to watch. They are fast-paced and exciting. The NCAA tournaments and NBA playoffs are all something that I can definitely be wrangled into watching.

Basketball is even more fun when you have David Archuleta performing!!!

Unfortunately, I hate football - so the sports season that we are moving into will not be increasing family togetherness. I don't mind if Bert watches a game, and I can support his love for the Steelers, but I really just can't sit down and watch with him. I don't get the game, I don't like seeing grown men running around hitting each other. The only thing I love about football is that instead of a lengthy 7 games series (like with baseball and basketball) it all culminates in one, single, solitary game - the Superbowl. That part is really nice!

And I have a theory about Football. I really don't think most women like it, even if they say they do to their "man". The only reason I can say this is that I have gone to football games, for a man, not for me. I have watched a Superbowl or two, for a man, not for me. I have pretended to be interested in the game, for a man, not for me. Well, no more of that. Bert knows I love him, so my true feelings can come out - I hate football. Am I alone in this or does anyone out there feel the same? (If you can't come out and say it, but you really do feel the same - the polls on the side are anonymous.)

Anyhow, I guess my question to you all this week is about the role sports play in your homes. Do you love them, hate them, enjoy them? Are they a source of family togetherness or do they seem to take you away from each other? Or, do they hardly even exist in your world?

Always love to get your input!

3 Mommies Sharing:

cheraf said...

Sports don't play a very big role in our home. CB likes to watch the Utes (basketball) and the Jazz but he doesn't obsess over much else. He enjoys football every now and then and golf too. I, on the other hand, don't really enjoy watching sports on television. I like to cheer for the Utes and the Jazz, but I don't have even close to enough patience to follow more than a few games. For us, sports provides great together-but-alone time. CB gets to watch his games once in a while and I have the perfect excuse to stick my nose in a book without neglecting him!

Jenny in Utah said...

Chera - I love the idea of curling up with a good book while bert watches a game - that sounds like a great arrangement!

Amber said...

I'm a little late to share my comment on this topic, but it's mostly because Dan doesn't watch sports much. He does watch outdoors sports like hunting, fishing, or other nature shows but lucky for me that is the extent of it. Except for the U of U/BYU games and the Super Bowl. But I usually have to tell him who made it to the Super Bowl! Well, now that he knows I'm going to quiz him every year he tries to find out before I ask.