Monday, September 8, 2008

Air Your Dirty Laundry and Get This Week's Award!

Alas this lovely laundry room isn't mine, but one can only hope. Mine is in a basement, so I am already coveting the large windows - I think I'll get over it! This is the perfect picture to introduce this week's not-so-perfect topic.

This week's award is all about the never ending chore of laundry. Just doing laundry is worthy of all sorts of praise and applause - and you all probably don't get that. Hopefully you get a thank you or two along the way - but who's counting? So, this week - let's take credit for our work with the laundry.

If any of you are familiar with FlyLady, you might have heard the term - Mt. Washmore - that's the formation that builds in our laundry rooms when we put it off for too long. Or, it can instanteously appear at the end of a wonderful vacation. Some of us might have Mt. Washmore building right now, or we might have everything all nicely sorted and going through the machines as we speak. I am right in the middle. We were getting into a good rhythm and then my baby decided he needed me to hold him all day yesterday. So, I held my baby (not too hard of a decision for me) and neglected the laundry and the piles are a little higher than I like, but we'll get to them.

What are your laundry thoughts? Do you love doing laundry, do you despise it? How many loads do you do a week? Have you had any disasters, like dryers catching on fire, or our personal family favorite, the drain backing up and flooding the basement? Let's just get it all out there (dirty laundry and all) and celebrate each others triumphs over the piles! (even if we don't necessarily feel triumphant) You love it, you hate it - whatever the case, tell me about it! Sing your praises - now might be your only chance :)

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Julie W said...

Well, we all have our destroyed load of laundry story. Mine are typical of the absent minded mother...
The first load of laundry I destroyed was with chapstick. Luckily is was just a small mixed load of Spence's and my clothes. Nothing too valuable was ruined. But the chapstick was dried in to the clothes as oil stains and they all had to be designated as "yard work" clothes.

The second load of laundry destroyed was quite devastating. Spence had left a black ink pen in his work pants. He has to wear business casual, meaning khakies and polo shirts. Lets just say I did a load of ALL his favorite pants and shirts and ALL of them had black ink spots EVERYWHERE!!!
Because I felt so bad that he had nothing to wear to work I sent him out on a shopping spree immediately, and he did not mind so much!

As a side note to one of the polls, I bought Borax for an amazing goo recipe for my son's alien b-day party. Since I had almost the whole box of Borax left over I have been using it the last few months and it really works! I like it, it does make the clothes brighter, and I have not had to pre-treat any of the heavily soiled clothes...I might just be a converted Borax launderer.

Tia Langston said...

The only destroyed clothes story I could think of was when we lived in Cedar City and had to use the coin-op laundry in our apartment building. The dryer would dry soooo stinkin hot! I basically burned holes in a bunch of white socks and other more precious white unders. Not my fault!

But I have to say...I really don't mind doing the's folding and putting away that is not my favorite. In fact, I've got a load of the boys' clothes in a basket and a load of mine and john's in the dryer...I think they've been there a couple days now. Ugh...luckily there are few complaints from my fam.

Jenny in Utah said...

Julie - Sharpies do the same thing in the laundry ... hmmmmm! (oops)

Maybe I'll have to use the Borax I have on the laundry - it says it's a laundry booster, so I have always wondered what that means.

And Tia - I'm with you, I actually like doing laundry, but getting it put away is a different story.

Jill Scott said...

Oh man, how did you know I was backed up on my laundry? I've been sick all week and we're all out of underwear. But I'm still on the computer. How sick is that?

Zombette said...

Like you, Jen, I like doing the it, actually. (It's a sick addiction...thankfully one that does not require treatment.) I -- knock on wood -- don't actually have a 'ruined load' story yet. The first laundry story that came to mind was more of a 'repair' story...but it was the dryer that I repaired, so I'll stretch and call it a 'laundry' story. My older sister and her hubby gave me their old dryer when they got a new one. After about 2 years, the coil burned out so I had to get a new one (coil, I couldn't afford a new dryer). I shopped around and found a good price on one so I got it. When I went to put it in I accidentally forgot to UNPLUG (duh!) the dryer and got a nice burn on the back of my left hand. Ugh! I also cleaned out the under-side of the dryer, since I already had it turned around and opened, and found a treasure trove of goodies -- mostly coins (cool!) -- and a token from a kids place (like Chuck E. Cheese) good only in HAWAII. How cool is that? I learned I had a well-traveled hand-me-down dryer. :-) Also, without going into details, that dryer incident brought my darling husband and me back together (from dating in the past and falling out of touch)...and the rest is history! I've never been so happy about a mechanical breakdown in my life. :-)

Jenny in Utah said...

I'm giggling already - I am also playing on the computer (while I hold my baby - he's taking away a TON of guilt) hee hee hee

And Zombette dear - sounds like I need to hear a story! :)

Kirsten, Mike and The Boys said...

Last month, I put a load of dish towels in the washer and then left for a week to go to Bear Lake. Our entire house REEKED of mildew when we got back!

Oh and then there was the time I didn't check the back pocket of Mike's jeans and accidentally washed his pay check. I found a million pieces of it when I pulled the clean, dry, clothes out of the dryer. We now get his check automatically deposited. :-)

Jenny in Utah said...

You all have to read Stacey's latest entry:

She has a story to tell!