Friday, September 12, 2008

Anyone Have These?

I have to admit if there is one thing out there I have been wanting, wanting, wanting (yes, I am panting slightly), it would be these:

Aren't they lovely? I like so many things about them:

First, the looks - how fun would it be to do laundry in a machine you actually feel compelled to wax and buff? (I am that shallow -that looks come FIRST when I think of a washer and dryer.)

Second, the energy efficiency - loving the idea of using less water and getting cleaner clothes!

Third, the storage - isn't this the best idea for a laundry room, a CONVENIENT place to store all your detergents and fabric softeners, not to mention a Christmas decoration or two?

Fourth, the technology - no more dials - just buttons that beep and chirp to let you know what is going on.

But, we have no need to purchase anything at this time - our current set seems to be plugging along just fine - for which I am mostly grateful. But the part of me that really wants, wants, wants the new set wonders what might need to happen to expedite the acquisition of a new set. That's when the following came to mind: (I must be having a Seinfeld week...)

Yes, this is what I do while I am driving the kids to school - they are all jabbering away in the back seats and I can just go to wherever my thoughts desire. I don't need Calgon to take me away honey, my old Honda Odyssey does just fine!

So, what do you think? Anyone up for a quick trip to Lowe's?

2 Mommies Sharing:

Kelly and Stacey said...

They really are beautiful Jenny! I could really use them too. The knobs keep falling off of ours, so we have to start them up with a set of pliers! Like you said though, they still do the job, so I guess we're stuck with them!

Tia Langston said...

I have wanted a beautiful red set for some time now. And thanks for the Seinfeld clip...we love Seinfeld...and this had John even giggling on the couch behind me.