Monday, September 22, 2008

And The Best Blusher Award Goes To ...


(no, that's not her real name - it's her married name - hee hee)

I was hoping Bert had that one - he would have been so proud to receive a Mommy Award! Joking - I am actually very glad that someone besides myself shared an experience and I'm even gladder (probably not a word) that I get to give it to one of me dearest, oldest friends (I'm not saying she's old - because then I would say the same about myself - not gonna happen). Thanks for playing dear! And thanks for not leaving the party when your cute little lady bug decided to show the world her spicy side. A little breather, however, can be a very helpful tool for us all.

Anyhow, I am really hoping that those of us that have embarrassing moments are not in the minority - but if we are, please make sure you are always kind to us when you see us out in public. Let's remember to be patient with those that are in the middle of something exasperating and to be friendly to those who are laughing at themselves. Being reduced to feeling like an idiot is never fun, but finding a way to laugh at it it helps tremendously (and having someone laugh with you actually helps - it makes you feel more like a comedian than just a crazy lady)!

Yeah- enough rambling - just fyi - it looks like those of us who do have embarrassing moments are able to look at them for their rich content and figure they will spice up our blogs. So, the humiliation can bring us some blogging attention. It's a trade off, your dignity for a lot of comments on your blog - take your pick!

Tune in tomorrow - I still can't decide on the new topic. I had it all figured out until I attended that really cute baby shower at Chera's - got the wheels turning in another direction.

That said - Happy Mothering Everyone!

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