Monday, September 15, 2008

And This Week's Mommy Award Goes To....


Congrats on having the best laundry services around - or at least getting your name drawn out of a hat!!! But I have seen your clothes and you and your family always look nice and clean. Good job and thanks for sharing your laundry woes. Maybe we can all take a little lesson from Julie and start using Borax in the laundry. Now I think I will get back to my laundry - we didn't get it all done last week and I have a mini Mt. Washmore I better tackle before it gets out of control.

And just so you all know - most of us use Tide, Bounce, and Spray and Wash. Most of us Don't use Borax, but maybe that will change now, and we're tackling 4-6 loads a week - not too bad. And, for the record, 3 of us totally want the new front loading washer/dryer sets (although I think that number is probably higher - unless you all already have them!!!).

Check back tomorrow for the new topic - this is based on an email I just received from my sister and an experience we had at the fair recently! Can't wait to share!

2 Mommies Sharing:

Julie W said...

I am so honored to have been awarded the brainless mother who ruins her laundry award. I will try harder to pay more attention to my weekly duty of family laundress!

Jenny in Utah said...

Oh Julie - you are one of MANY brainless mothers who ruin laundry! And I don't think it's that we aren't paying attention to our laundry, more likely we are in such a hurry to get a new load in in the 30 seconds we have available! Who has time to look through pockets???